CRC-P Proposal – Functionally-Graded Materials for Extreme Environments made by Additive Manufacturing

AM Version 2

Dear colleagues, 

The Curtin Corrosion Centre and the John de Laeter Centre are joining forces to develop the first Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) hub in Western Australia (WA). One of our chief objectives is to become the leaders on functionally-graded materials, described as the new frontier of AM innovation.

To accomplish our goal, we are preparing a "Cooperative Research Centres Projects" (CRC-P) Grant proposal. The CRC-P project will not only advance AM research but also support local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to unlock the manufacturing tools of the future.
The CRC-P proposal focuses on fast-tracking AM methods based on Direct Energy Deposition (DED) to produced compositionally-graded components to meet site-specific properties.
As you will discover, our goal is to optimize commercially available equipment to prototype and produce components with seemingly improbable combinations of properties (strength, corrosion, wear, optical, etc.) for critical oil and gas and mining applications.
We welcome SMEs as well as oil and gas operators, companies in the mining sector, original equipment manufacturers, and other interested sectors. 

Important Dates

- Deadline Expression of Interest: Friday, August 30.
- Kick-off: Q1, 2020.


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